• Silence – Homage

    Waterfall Mansion
    • New York, NY, USA
    • May 12 2017 - July 29 2017
      Open to the public on Saturdays from 12-5pm

Event Info

About the Exhibition

The exhibit "Silence - Homage" will feature works that relate to the "silence" theme pursued in Fujimura's book, Silence and Beauty (, invoking the historical and aesthetic context of 17th-century Japanese history. One of the new works will be a 33-foot-long triptych called "Silence and Beauty – Mysterion."

"The refractive surfaces of these paintings are so attenuated that it is nearly impossible to capture the colors in a photograph. Only by allowing one's eyes to be immersed in the surface is it possible to experience the full mystery of the work. All of the works in this exhibit resist the reductionism of our time, creating an invitation to truly see an exhibit with our eyes only." 

– Makoto Fujimura

The collaborative video "Nagasaki Koi" (2002), taken at the Ground Zero pond in Nagasaki, will be projected onto the waterfall at Waterfall Mansion Gallery, invoking the sacred and the terror of our times, as well as the journey of trauma depicted in Shusaku Endo's enduring masterwork Silence and the recent Martin Scorsese movie that faithfully, masterfully reinterprets the novel.

About the Artist

Makoto Fujimura, recently appointed Director of Fuller Theological Seminary’s Brehm Center for Worship Theology and the Arts, is an artist, writer, and speaker who is recognized worldwide as a cultural influencer. A Presidential appointee to the National Council on the Arts from 2003-2009, Fujimura served as an international advocate for the arts, speaking with decision makers and advising governmental policies on the arts. In 2014, the American Academy of Religion, named Makoto Fujimura as its’ 2014 “Religion and the Arts” award recipient. This award is presented annually to professional artists who have made significant contributions to the relationship of art and religion, both for the academy and a broader public. Previous recipients of the award include Meredith Monk, Holland Cotter, Gary Snyder, Betye & Alison Saar and Bill Viola. Fujimura’s work is represented by Artrue International and has been exhibited at galleries around the world, including Dillon Gallery in New York, Sato Museum in Tokyo, The Contemporary Museum of Tokyo, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts Museum, Bentley Gallery in Arizona, Gallery Exit and Oxford House at Taikoo Place in Hong Kong, and Vienna’s Belvedere Museum. He is one of the first artists to paint live on stage at New York City’s legendary Carnegie Hall as part of an ongoing collaboration with composer and percussionist, Susie Ibarra.
A popular speaker, he has lectured at numerous conferences, universities and museums, including the Aspen Institute, Yale and Princeton Universities, Sato Museum and the Phoenix Art Museum. Fujimura founded the International Arts Movement in 1992, a nonprofit whose “Encounter” conferences have featured cultural catalysts such as Dr. Elaine Scarry, Dennis Donoghue, Billy Collins, Dana Gioia, Calvin DeWitt and Miroslav Volf. Fujimura’s second book, Refractions: A Journey of Faith, Art and Culture, is a collection of essays bringing together people of all backgrounds in a conversation and meditation on culture, art, and humanity. In celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible, Crossway Publishing commissioned and published The Four Holy Gospels, featuring Fujimura’s illuminations of the sacred texts.

About Waterfall Mansion and Gallery

Waterfall Mansion and Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and a social engagement platform on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Sculpted from a carriage house with a deep artistic heritage, it was developed by Kate Shin and designed by world-renowned architect Toshiko Mori. Waterfall Gallery’s mission of "Artful Living” - using the beauty and content of art as a tool for social good and positive livelihood, is to create dynamic experiences by working with artists in creating contemporary art, curating exhibitions that showcase and tell provocative stories, and empowering people through art education. Waterfall Mansion and Gallery’s sustainable platform connects artists to the top 1% of collectors, cultural influencers and taste makers, and international opportunities from its’ unique nexus of influencers in diplomacy, non-profit foundations, and luxury and finance industries. Our guiding principles are the 3 C's (Create, Curate, & Connect). Visit for more information.