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Silence - Mysterion, at Jundt Museum, Gonzaga University, 2019
Silence - Mysterion at Jundt Museum

"Silence - Mysterion" is a first of many monumental triptych Fujimura painted in Brehm|Fujimura Studio in Pasadena, Los Angelis, to be exhibited at Waterfall Mansion & Gallery.  "Mysterion" is a Greek word used when St. Paul speaks of the "mystery of the Gospel" (Ephesians 6:19).  Fujimura layers prismatic minerals to capture that mystery, and as David Brooks noted in his New York Times piece, after staring at Fujimura's work for over 10 minutes, "What had semed like a plain bluefield now looked like a galaxy of color."

Silence - Mysterion
Silence - Mysterion

"Silence - Mysterion", Mineral Pigments and Gesso on Canvas, 2017, 7'x33' (11' each). "Silence - Mysterion" was painted in Brehm|Fujimura Studio in Los Angeles, California.  Fujimura worked on this painting during a particular dark period in his life, including the passing of his father, a renowed pioneer in Acoustics research, Osamu Fujimura.  He recalls, "I have trouble remembering painting this image, due to the darkness that suddenly enveloped me with compounding losses including my father. Painting 'saved' me in a sense, because it was the only thing that pushed me to 'show up' to make me get up to go to the studio. But I do recall after many gestures and layers, all of a sudden three "eyes" or  "stigmatas" appeared on the left most panel.  I had to change the visual flow of the entire triptych, to make the marks an entry point of the work."  The subsequent exhibit at Waterfall Mansion & Gallery, to celebrate the publication of Fujimura's "Silence and Beauty" book - an homage to Shusaku Endo's 1966 masterpiece "Silence" which became a Martin Scorsese film of the same title (in which Fujimura worked as a Special Advisor) - also became an homage to his farther.