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Dear Refractions Readers:

I have been writing for IAM’s new Curator Magazine, edited by our Alissa Wilkinson. In the future, I will be placing my “review” like essays on art and film on the Curator, so please check it out. My next Refractions on my collaborative journey with Susie Ibarra (most recently at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village and Shinseido Gallery in Tokyo) will be posted later this month.

My latest Curator “reviews” include:

1) On the Academy Award winning Departures

“Who would have expected a film about dead bodies to be so revealing of life and spirit, and such regional scenery to begin to dominate our urban journeys? How can a ritual to prepare a dead body be so compelling? And who are all these remarkable actors who produce a symphony (a la vintage Woody Allen movies) of allusive and memorable scenes?”

2) Good Friday Sightings on the art of Steven Assael

“Steven Assael’s portraits come close to the best of portrait traditions, but his subject matters are not conventional status quo sitters or dignitaries. They are ordinary human beings, teenagers, fellow congregants, and subway riders. They are given costumes to wear, like Superman’s cape in one of this exhibit’s paintings, or carnival headdresses and feathers in Costume Party #1. They may be nude figures, faces seemingly too shy to be drawn, and yet so delicately and affectionately depicted, holding a pair of binoculars or a camera.”


Makoto Fujimura Solo Exhibit, Olana-Psalms of Ascent will continue at White Stone Gallery in Philadelphia, April 3 to June 21st, 2009

I have been exhibiting devotional works never before exhibited, such as the Olana - Matthew Six piece shown at left.

Special Offer: I have prepared special, handmade bookmarks to be available as a gift, only to those who purchase Refractions: a journey of art, faith and culture at the gallery!