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148 IAM lecture on van Gogh by Dr. James Romaine, November, 2007, Space 38|39, NYC

149 See Kathleen Powers Erickson's At Eternity's Gate: The Spiritual Vision of Vincent van Gogh, Eerdmans

150 http://www.artelino.com/articles/van_gogh_japonisme.asp

151 IAM lecture on van Gogh by Dr. James Romaine, October, 2007

152 The Imitation of Christ, Thomas a Kempis, Pg. 3, Hendrickson Christian Classics

153 Vincent van Gogh, Painted with Words, p. 190-192

154 I realize that many theologians would disagree, at least in principle, with the idea that the gospel truth can be communicated via visual languages. What I am suggesting here depends on the assumption of what that language is, and ultimately what we consider to the truth communicated. I am not making an argument here that words are unnecessary to communicate the gospel, or any truth claims: I am suggesting the opposite, that Vincent's linguistic capacity allowed him a rare synthesis, and that words are central to his visual symbolism.

155 Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird, Warner Books, Pg. 30

156 One of two Japanese phonetically based alphabets

157 I want to thank my son, Ty, for suggesting this term

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